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Service Update Bulletin 29th March

International Services

Japan: Update 29th March

Japan is strengthening their customs inspection of inbound mail as part of counter-terrorism measures. Therefore, Japan Post would like to request that all items are accompanied by the required documents, and not accepting any dangerous goods. Please attach a customs declaration form to postal items containing goods, and provide accurate information on the contents for customs declaration.

If a customs declaration form is not attached or details of the sender, recipient, item number and value are not indicated correctly there may be a delay or may be treated as items not fulfilling the conditions, meaning that they cannot be delivered and have to be sent back to the designated operator of origin

  • Please attach a customs declaration form (form CN 22/CN 23, etc.) where necessary
  • Please provide specific descriptions of goods - for example, instead of writing "clothing", customers should give a specific description such as "jacket", "pants", "t-shirts", etc.
  • Please indicate the price, quantity and weight of each article
  • Please indicate the currency (USD, EUR, etc.)
  • Where required, please attach the associated documents (such as invoice or receipt)

Belgium: Update 29th March

All air traffic was cancelled on 23rd – 24th March. Due to the attacks on Brussels Airport, all air traffic remains cancelled until at least Sunday 27th March. There are still heavy disruptions for all inbound and outbound mail, parcels and EMS sent by air. Road solutions remain in place for outbound mail, parcels and EMS and alternative air solutions via the surrounding countries where possible.

Asendia backlog updates:

  • There are no Asendia backlogs in Zürich and Frankfort
  • 40kg Backlog in Geneva to different African countries
  • Mail from Switzerland will be routed by road. Last road transport from Zürich to Brussels on Tuesday 29th March
  • Mail from Dietzenbach is routed by road
  • Entry point to Belgium for La Poste is Charleroi. Delivery of mail from La Poste is not affected
  • The customs controls in Europe have been strengthened with the consequence of probable delays for transports by road
  • Swiss Airline will resume flights to Brussels on Tuesday 29th March
  • Lufthansa is also cancelling all its flights to and from Brussels from Friday 25th March to Monday 28th March
  • A truck connection between Frankfurt Airport and Brussels, will operate between 24th and 28th March
  • Air France / KLM – Flight schedules are temporarily disrupted
  • Brussels Airlines – Flight operations restarted via Antwerp and Liege airports until Sunday 27th March

USA: Update 29th March

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that as of 10th March it has raised the customs threshold value from 200 USD to 800 USD, for which a shipment of merchandise may generally be imported - by one person in a single day - free of duties and taxes.

Venezuela: Update 23rd March

There was a national holiday from 21st – 25th March in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic). Dispatches continued to be received at the VEMAIA office of exchange at the Maiquetía "Simón Bolívar" International Airport, but there were no distribution/delivery or customs processing during the holiday, as part of an effort to reduce electricity consumption in the country. Postal activities returned to normal on 28th March.

Honduras: Update 23rd March

There was a national holiday from 21st – 25th March in Honduras. Postal activities returned to normal on 28th March.


Services to France

A delay is expected for some mail due to an industrial action at the following distribution centres:

  • Nantes Rollin (44100)
  • Blois (41000)
  • La Garenne Levallois Soti (92390)
  • Les Pennes Mirabeau (13170)
  • Nice Barthélémy (06100)

Expect a day delay for some mail due to an industrial action at the Nantes Pic sorting centre.

Expect a one day delay for some mail from departments 02 and 80 to the entire territory due to a technical problem on the sorting centre of Amiens.

Expect a day’s delay for some letters from Department 60 to the entire territory. This is due to a technical problem in the Creil PIC sorting centre.


UK Services 

Air, Road and Rail

Some mail posted in parts of Wales, the Midlands, the South West and North of England for delivery in North East Scotland, the Orkneys and Shetland Isles may arrive later than expected. This is due to technical issues with a flight from East midlands airport to Aberdeen on Thursday.

A small amount of mail posted in the South East for delivery in other parts of the UK may arrive later than planned. This is due to issues on the M25 on Thursday evening resulting in the late arrival of two vehicles at the Princess Distribution Centre.

A small amount of mail posted in the DH, DL, NE, SR and TS postcode areas for delivery in North Wales and North West England will arrive later than scheduled. This is due to a vehicle from Newcastle Mail Centre arriving late at the North West Distribution Centre on Thursday.

The rest of the UK network operated well over the weekend.

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