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Returns handling

Handling returned mail yourself can be a costly process, but if you do not keep your database up to date you will waste money in the future and lose sales.

When Asendia handles your mailing we will give you the option of including our address for the returns to be sent to. We can then process these returns for you. We can either:

  • Collect the returned items and send them to you
  • Data capture the addresses into a spreadsheet noting the reason for return
  • Open the returns and remove material you wish to keep i.e. merchandise, brochures, etc

Main benefits

The main benefits of our returns management service are:

  • Keeps your mailing lists up to date
  • Helps reduce wastage in future mailings


Free data health check

We always recommend cleaning your data before you send a mailing so that returns are as low as possible and we offer a range of data cleanign services.

We can even provide you with a FREE Data Health Check to ensure your mailing lists are clean. As well as reducing wastage this will ensure you do not target those that are deceased or MPS subscribers which would harm your brand.