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International Postal Services: Press

Global distribution solutions for publications

Ensuring the efficient management and distribution of your publications is essential in maintaining and growing your circulation base.

Whether you are a magazine, journal, newspaper or contract publisher, we help you to distribute your publications around the world, adding value through the advice we offer that maximises your circulation opportunities and develops your subscriber base.

Asendia's solution doesn't stop with distribution. We offer a fulfilment solution that includes polywrapping, subscriber management, data management, distribution of marketing and POS materials, back issue management, the cross-border delivery of your publications to newsstand or individuals and a range of other services to improve efficiency and customer engagement.

The benefits:

  • Gain international presence for your publications
  • Increase your subscriber base and its management
  • Reduce costs by using one integrated supplier
  • Improve the focus upon core tasks by outsource others to us
  • Optimise your cross-border distribution to readers all around the world with costs and operational efficiencies

To optimise the distribution of your publications we offer two services, Subscriber Press and Newsstand Press.

Which service is right for you?International postal services for magazines and journals



Our prices are dependent on volumes, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight and destination. So please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01234 848415 or

Subcriber Press

If you need a solution designed to deliver your periodicals globally to subscribers, members, customers, employees and business partners then Subscriber Press is for you.

Newsstand Press

If you need a global solution to distribute your periodicals to newsstands and other points-of-sale then Newsstand Press is for you.


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Prices and Placing Orders

Our prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

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