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Postal and Parcel Services to France

Asendia is owned by La Poste, France’s national postal operator. Therefore, we can provide unique access to La Poste’s services, with solutions for direct mail, business mail, publications, packets, parcels and ecommerce.

Acting as La Poste’s UK hub, Asendia has exclusive access to sell certain La Poste services in the UK and produce mail suitable for direct injection into the La Poste postal service – producing the correct PPI’s, address formats and appropriate mail sorting.

Did you know that in mainland Europe mail boxes are more prominent than letterboxes? Due to our expertise in cross-border mailing, we’re able to help you correctly address and deliver mail to your recipients.

Each countries salutation, addressing and delivery network is different and due to our heritage with La Poste and Swiss Post, along with a vast delivery network, we can ensure that your mail doesn’t miss any of the local necessities. To read about some of the differences in mailing overseas check out our tips page.


The French ecommerce market experts

With demand for British products thriving, Asendia is perfectly positioned to help UK retailers take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Find out more on our microsite.


Facts about France


Facts about France

France is Europe’s third largest e-commerce market and it continues to see double-digit growth in online revenues each year. France is an attractive option for expanding retailers: the country has good links with the rest of Europe; it has low distribution costs; there are few surprises to worry about when it comes to payment methods; and its consumers are confident online shoppers, with a growing consumer appetite for foreign brands.

It’s because of this, and our heritage with La Poste, that we offer a wide range of services to benefit e-commerce retailers. 

French consumers are also receptive to receiving Direct Mail and magazine readership in France is still at a significant level. Asendia offers La Poste's specialist services for direct mail and magazine mail deliveries.

Goods (Packets/Parcels)

Goods (Packets/Parcels) 

We have a wide range of services that can be used to deliver packets and parcels into France from the UK. Our links with La Poste make Asendia the largest provide of parcel and packet services into France, and you can find out more about our ecommerce expertise in France on this dedicated microsite.

Colissimo (The market leading tracked service to France).

ColiEco (Ideal for low value parcels).

M-Bags (Non-tracked global mail service for items over 2KG).

Standard Goods 

Country Tracked Goods

Fully Tracked Goods

Premium Goods


The French ecommerce market experts

With demand for British products thriving, Asendia is perfectly positioned to help UK retailers take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Find out more on our microsite.

Business Mail

Business mail

We provide two services that will ensure your international business mail reaches your customers quickly and safely, Daily Business Mail and Periodic Business Mail. The services are easy to work with and will get your mail there, whether it’s time sensitive, requires a signature or just needs to reach the intended person.

Both services come as a standalone postal service or an end-to-end service which includes printing and fulfilment of your business mail. Click here to see the two business mail options in more detail.


Press and Publications

Magstream is a tailor-made solution created by Asendia, to distribute magazines to readers across France. The service is equivalent to Presstream, but our specialised and unique network across France allows for, very, competitive tariffs on the service. 

Click here for more details on Magstream.

Direct Mail


Direct Mail


Sending direct mail to France? We could save you money and increase your response rates.

If you’re sending direct mail to France then Destineo is the service you require. This direct mail option allows your post to be franked with a French postmark, creating a local look, increasing the chances of recipients opening your mail.

Click here for more details on Destineo

Returns Management

Returns management

We can help you get the best response from your mailing campaigns into France by setting up local response handling and returns management processes.


Fulfilment Services


Fulfilment Services


Asendia UK has two mailing houses in the UK, based in Bedfordshire and Southampton, which offer mail sorting and fulfilment along with a number of value added services. By using Asendia to fulfil and distribute your mail to France and worldwide you could save money and reduce delivery times.

With our expertise we can format the addresses and sort the mail in accordance with French postal requirements to ensure swift delivery and maximum postage discounts. There is also access to a global network of mailing houses through the other Asendia subsidiaries, which operate in 14 other countries (including France), helping get the best service for your mailing needs.

The value added services offered by Asendia UK include a comprehensive in-house printing and fulfilment solution, and for anything we cannot print or finish in-house we offer a low cost and high quality print management solution.

What fulfilment services do you require?
We offer a range of printing and fulfilment services for your mailings to France and worldwide:

We also have a Fulfilment Centre based in Bedfordshire that offers high quality fulfilfment solutions at a low cost. There products, marketing literature and publications are stored, picked, packed and distributed across the UK and worldwide using a range of mailing and courier options. This includes a comprehensive portfolio of mail and parcel delivery options to France.

Tips for mailing to France

Tips for mailing to France

When mailing to France there are many things you want to check before your campaign, brochure or parcel is sent out. Have you got the correct address structure? Have you had your text read by a native French speaker to ensure the correct use of language? Are you aware of national holidays and events that may affect your mailing?

There's much more too, from sizes and points of interest to the French market to possible legal ramifications. Asendia has put together a short, helpful, guideto cover all of you need to be aware of when mailing into France.

Find out what's best here.



Postal Prices

Our postal prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination/s. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

Mailing fulfilment and print prices

If you wish to take advantage of our end-to-end solution (fulfilment, print and postage) we will need a brief from you so we can produce an estimate as there are many elements to consider. Please contact us today, you may find this document useful: Mailing brief template and example of a brief

Order fulfilment prices

To provide prices for order fulfilment services (pick and pack) we need to know some details e.g. number of SKUs, expected order volumes, type of products, distribution requirements, etc. You can use this document: Order fulfilment brief questionnaire

We mail worldwide, but these are some of our most popular destinations where we have specific expertise:

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