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Postal Services to Austria

Austria has an estimated population of 8.5million people, 8% of which use the internet. Under half of the population is estimated to be using the internet to shop online, yet the country has the third largest e-commerce turnover of Central Europe for 2014, at €11.7billion. 

With an average annual online spend of €3,034 per shopper, is your business missing out by not reaching Austrian consumers? With Asendia's vast global network of postal operators and couriers, you can target Austrian recipients with direct mail campaigns and catalogues with support from knowledgable professionals. Asendia can also help you deliver consumables to your Austrian consumers, as well as provide an effective returns service that meets Austrian expectations. 

Facts about Austria


Facts about Austria

The Internet is finding its way into an increasing number of Austrian households. 75 % of all households were equipped with Internet access in 2011.

45 % of the people aged between 16 and 74 indicated that they had bought goods or services via the Internet over the last twelve months. The most frequent purchases via this sales channel were clothing, sport items. Holiday accommodation or other travel arrangements, books, e-books, magazines, newspapers and e-learning materials, tickets for events, and electronic equipment, including cameras were also popular.

In accordance with the Austrian Trade Act, only Austrian address publishers and direct marketing companies based in Austria can receive the Robinson list. Since the amendment to the Trade Regulations Act (GewO) in 2002, the Professional Association of Advertising and Marketing Communication has been obliged (Section 151(9) GewO) to keep the Robinson list and make it available to the Austrian address publishers and direct marketing companies. This list contains the names of people who do not wish to have personally addressed advertising material delivered to them.

Austrians attach great importance to fast and straightforward acceptance and processing of their orders. Locals and also staff from southern Germany are particularly well accepted by Austrian customers due to their dialect.

Goods (Packets/Parcels)

Goods (Packets/Parcels) 

We have a wide range of services that can be used to deliver packets and parcels into Austria from the UK. 

Standard Goods 

Country Tracked Goods 

Fully Tracked Goods 

Premium Goods 

Business Mail

Business mail

We provide two services that will ensure your international business mail reaches your customers quickly and safely, Daily Business Mail and Periodic Business Mail. The services are easy to work with and will get your mail there, whether it’s time sensitive, requires a signature or just needs to reach the intended person.

Both services come as a standalone postal service or an end-to-end service which includes printing and fulfilment of your business mail. 


Press and Publications

Whether you are a magazine, journal, newspaper or contract publisher, we help you to distribute your publications around the world. Ensuring the efficient management and distribution of your publications is essential in maintaining and growing your circulation base.

Asendia's solution doesn't stop with distribution. We offer a fulfilment solution that includes polywrapping, subscriber management, data management, distribution of marketing and POS materials, back issue management, the cross-border delivery of your publications to newsstand or individuals and a range of other services to improve efficiency and customer engagement.

Direct mail


Direct Mail


Sending direct mail to Austria? We could save you money and increase your response rates.

Asendia has developed two dedicated direct mail products, Easy Direct Mail and Expert Direct Mail, to help maximise the return on investment for your direct mail activity. Each service enables you to send targeted, personalised, direct mail with a local look suitible for your recipients country and region. 

Returns management

Returns management

With two thirds of shoppers willing to buy more online if returns are free, a good returns policy can help to reassure your customers that buying from your e-commerce website is a safe and straightforward experience. Our returns solutions can be used for your shoppers in up to twenty six European countries, providing you with a robust, timely, and cost-effective returns process.

You can choose from a full range of returns services matching the requirements of your e-commerce business: for parcels up to 30kgs, from non-tracked returns to premium solutions, including content checking and insurance. 

Fulfilment Services


Fulfilment Services


Asendia UK has two mailing houses in the UK, based in Bedfordshire and Southampton, which offer mail sorting and fulfilment along with a number of value added services. By using Asendia to fulfil and distribute your mail to Austria and worldwide you could save money and reduce delivery times.

With our expertise we can format the addresses and sort the mail in accordance with Austrian postal requirements to ensure swift delivery and maximum postage discounts. There is also access to a global network of mailing houses through the other Asendia subsidiaries, which operate in 14 other countries (including Austria), helping get the best service for your mailing needs.

The value added services offered by Asendia UK include a comprehensive in-house printing and fulfilment solution, and for anything we cannot print or finish in-house we offer a low cost and high quality print management solution.

What fulfilment services do you require?
We offer a range of printing and fulfilment services for your mailings to Austria and worldwide:

We also have a Fulfilment Centre based in Bedfordshire that offers high quality fulfilfment solutions at a low cost. There products, marketing literature and publications are stored, picked, packed and distributed across the UK and worldwide using a range of mailing and courier options. This includes a comprehensive portfolio of mail and parcel delivery options to Austria.

Tips for mailing to Austria

Tips for mailing to Austria

German is the official language of Austria, with 98% of the population speaking the language. It’s important, especially when canvassing for new customers, that linguistic nuances are observed for the desired response. In contrast to Switzerland, the ß character is still used in Austria.

Print takes up the largest share of Austrian advertising, in 2013 the share was 43.9% This share is noticeably high compared to other European companies.

A total of 5,250 million advertising items were sent in Austria in 2012, of which 1,650 million were personalised and 3,600 million were not personalised. Every household received 449 addressed and 980 unaddressed mailings with each resident receiving 201 addressed and 439 unaddressed mailings

Austrian databases have a wide range of selection criteria in the B2C and B2B area. Private addresses can be selected on the basis of gender, age, purchasing power, type of housing, level of education, consumer behaviour, etc. Business addresses are selected by sector, region, turnover category, number of employees, fleet, etc. Providers maintain a sector-based system (ÖNACE) for B2B addresses which is considerably more detailed than the NACE codes that apply across Europe. They most closely resemble the German sector codes.


To find out more about mailing to Finland see the handy PDF guide we’ve put together here.



Postal Prices

Our postal prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination/s. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

Mailing fulfilment and print prices

If you wish to take advantage of our end-to-end solution (fulfilment, print and postage) we will need a brief from you so we can produce an estimate as there are many elements to consider. Please contact us today, you may find this document useful: Mailing brief template and example of a brief

Order fulfilment prices

To provide prices for order fulfilment services (pick and pack) we need to know some details e.g. number of SKUs, expected order volumes, type of products, distribution requirements, etc. You can use this document: Order fulfilment brief questionnaire

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