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Pick and pack services

Looking for a pick and pack centre that provides low cost pick and pack services, postage and courier discounts, online reports, and makes it easy to get set up?

Asendia's 63,000 sq ft pick and pack centre processes thousands of orders a day. For many clients we undertake daily pick and pack services whereas others work with us on a campaign basis where we are kitting and collating material over a few weeks or months.

We can gear up our pick and pack centre for peaks and troughs in demand, and can also handle fulfilment to retailers as well as individuals.

We fulfil orders across the UK and worldwide and our packet and parcel rates are some of the lowest you will find.

Sector specific pick and pack

We work with many sectors fulfilling a wide variety of products and literature, with some clients receiving hundreds of orders a month and others receiving thousands a day.

Our pick and pack solution in a nutshell

  • Large modern 63,000 sq ft facility
  • Efficient storage and pick & pack
  • Fulfilment of single orders, consignments, & pallets.
  • Fulfillment of products and marketing material
  • Postage discount up to 25%
  • Courier rates from £2.95
  • International distribution specialists as well as UK
  • ISO9001:2008 quality accredited, low error rates
  • Scalable and flexible, and easy to get set up
  • We can help increase your sales
  • Tips and advice: Our pick and pack blog

Online reports and Service Level Agreements

Our pick and pack solution is truly flexible and scalable, we will commit to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and provide online reports including stock reports, activity reports, returns reports, etc. So even though you are outsourcing your pick and pack you still remain in control.

IT integration

Our inhouse software developers can work with you to integrate your website and other data sources with our system to automate the pick and pack process, this includes sending back live data such as stock figures, order tracking numbers, etc so you can keep your website uptodate. Our system is also linked to many postal and courier carrier systems so we can provide low mail order distribution prices.

Returns management

We can also handle your returned orders from our pick and pack Centre building.

Pick and pack prices

Request our Pick and Pack Pricing Calculator (Microsoft Exel file) today so you can estimate the cost of outsourcing your pick and pack to Asendia.

Who uses our pick and pack services?

We provide pick and pack solutions for leading leisure brands, fashion retailers, tourist boards, and media groups, and to small ebusinesses,  mail order companies, and charities. >> Find out more

International pick and pack specialists

If you are looking to expand cross-border then Asendia can provide a wide range of solutions to help you. From international postal and courier services, to direct mail marketing solutions and consultancy. For example here's what we can offer into France.