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Take a look at our Southampton mailing house


Sales teams

We have a telesales team (pictured) as well as a team of salespeople and account managers at Southampton, to bring in new and retained business, and look after our customers. We have had a regular clientele of almost 300 customers for many years, which is testament to the excellent service we provide.


Polywrapping on the Sitma 

The Sitma machine (above and below) polywraps thousands of mail items a month, enclosing carrier sheets with brochures and magazines, and collating and wrapping direct mail items. We also enclose direct mail items in envelopes.





Handwork benches

When the customers' requirements are more "handle with care" or the enclosing process just isn't suitable for machines, we have a ream of dedicated handworkers, who take great care to enclose and/or label by hand. 



Sorting and strapping

The enclosed items are sorted by postcode as they are being processed and are then packed together and strapped to save distribution costs. This way, Asendia achieves discounts from downstream access providers like Royal Mail, one of our preferred partners, which we pass on to you to save you money on your mail costs. It's all part of the exceptional service.




On its way

Wrapped, sorted, strapped and ready to go ...  




Spotlight on Asendia Southampton

We can produce and sort your mail to achieve Royal Mail's bulk mail discounts for direct mail, business mail, and publications

Meet some of the team from different departments at Southampton and get to know what they do, at work and play.

We work with local and national companies from all sectors, fulfilling mail, publications and goods, and then despatching.

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