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Business mail fulfilment: overview

Asendia provides a range of fulfilment and postal services for your business mail. This includes solutions for everyday office mail (letters, invoices, quotes, etc) and for transactional bulk mailings.

We have a secure print and fufilment facility within our operation that produces financial mailings including invoice mailings, statement mailings, and report and accounts mailings.

We handle financial mailings for banks, councils, NHS, and PLCs from our secure mailing fulfilment facility, from printing of invoices and statements, to envelope inserting, and mailing. We also polywrap report and accounts mailings, and as we are part of Europe's second largest postal operator we can provide low cost UK and global postage rates.

Digital printing and inteligent envelope inserting: invoice mailings and statement mailings
With our printing and envelope inserting capabilities we handle a number of invoice mailings and statement mailings. We have a secure facility within our operation that has a keypad controlled entry system, and within this facility we have digital printing, laser printing, and intelligent envelope inserting machinery.

Our Mailstream Evolution envelope inserter is built on Pitney Bowes world-class Direct Connect inserter technology, providing optimum control with virtually any existing code technology. The Production Intelligence™ software can add the identification items you need to help you account for every mailpiece, including the contents.invoice-mailingsEngineered for consistent high performance operation, the Mailstream Evolution inserting system’s motion control system controls, detects, corrects, slows down and/or accelerates variable thickness materials to achieve the best possible throughput. This superior paper handling helps increase uptime and substantially extends the intervals between regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

Document Integrity
Document integrity means that every statement / invoice is mailed with the correct envelope contents and accurate data. Asendia's uses error checking in all programs to validate customer data and balancing totals. All documents are tracked through every phase of the production process, using a unique sequence number to identify each statement / invoice and each page of that document.

Torn or damaged documents are re-generated, printed and mailed. Asendia's pre-processing and invoice processing programs create barcodes allowing Pitney Bowes intelligent insertion equipment to match each document page and the correct inserts insuring each customer receives only their pages with the correct inserts.

Intelligent Insertion - Transpromo Mailings
Many of our clients use the statement mailing or invoice mailing to cross sell other products or make company announcements. Selective insertion increases sales by targeting the right product to the right customer and eliminates the waste of printed materials that do not apply to a particular customer. Intelligent insertion has been successfully used to separate geographical area, customer type, product type and multi-lingual inserts. Statement and invoice marketing allows a "free" ride in the envelope with the highest read rates of any form of direct marketing.

Polywrapped financial mailings: report and accounts mailingsWe fulfil Report and Accounts polywrapping mailings for a number of PLCs where 100% reconciliation is required. We have strict procedures to ensure we can meet the necessary requirements, and these are governed by the ISO9001:2008 quality standards.Our Sitma polywrapping lines can include up to 10 inserts, including three selective inserts, and with 5 Sitma polywrapping lines we can handle polywrapped mailings from 1000 to 2000,000 items.Typically clients that place their report and accounts polywrapping work with us will want to be onsite to ensure we achieve the accuracy that is needed and we can accommodate this.

Why choose Asendia for your financial mailings?
We handle invoice mailings, statement mailings, and report and account mailings for several high profile organisations so you can be sure that your invoice mailing, statement mailing, or report and accounts mailing will be in good hands if you work with Asendia. We are ISO9001:2008 accredited, and Data Protection Act Registered which is what you should expect your mailing house to be if they are handling you invoice mailing or statement mailing.

We have intelligent envelope inserting machines to ensure the integrity of your financial mailing. You simply can not affort to use a financial mailing house that does not use intelligent envelope inserting machines. As well as intelligent inserting envelope machines we also provide selective insertion so you can use your financial mailing as a dual-purpose communication. This is often called a transpromo mailing. This makes the most of your invoice mailing or statement mailing and allows you to sell to your customers at the same time as sending them an invoice or statement.

As well as intelligent envelope inserting for invoice mailings or statement mailings we can also polywrap report and accounts mailings, and we can handle direct mail, magazine mailings, pick and pack, and contact centre work

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