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From print, data, and fulfilment
to global delivery and response

From 100 to 1 million items,
whether direct mail, magazines, letters, or parcels.

Mailing houses in Bedfordshire, Southampton, and across the world

With Asendia's mailing houses you have a high quality and flexible solution for handling your mailings. Whether your mailing is 100 items or 1 million items, it's for UK delivery or global distribution, Asendia UK's mailing houses can help you.

Asendia has two mailing house in the UK, in Bedfordshire and Southampton (and an Order Fulfilment Centre). Plus we have colleagues in 14 other countries with access to mailing houses in all regions of the world.

  • 40,000 sq ft ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accredited mailing house in Bedfordshire, established 1969.
  • High quality mailing house in Southampton established in 1990.
  • Mailing houses across the world, including USA, Europe and Asia.

Why work with a mailing house and a postal company, with Asendia you get both.

Our mailing fulfilment services

Click on a purple box in this diagram for a summary of each of our service areas, or see the menu to the right of this page for detailed information.


43,000 sq ft mailing house in Bedfordshire

Established in 1969, our mailing house in Bedfordshire is one of the UK's most experienced mailing houses and largest mailing houses. With a wide range of printing and mailing equipment and a team of handworkers, our mailing house can provide fulfilment solutions to meet all of your mailing requirements.

Accredited Mailing House

With ISO9001 and ISO14000 accreditations and a range of industry accreditations we have one of the UK's highest quality mailing houses.

We also have one of the UK's most flexible mailing houses as we have capacity to handle mailings of 1 million items or 100 items.

We welcome prospective clients to visit this mailing house as we are proud to show off our facilities and systems, and introduce you to our people.

  • Data services (supply of mailing lists, cleansing, etc)
  • Printing
  • Envelope inserting
  • Polywrapping
  • Personalisation
  • Handwork
  • 63,000 sq ft pick and pack centre
  • Mail sorting (UK and international)

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25 year old mailing house in Southampton

As one of the South’s leading companies, our Southampton based mailing house provides its 250 customers with a quality led, reliable direct mail and printing partner. We offer you exceptional database , printing and direct mail solutions all under one roof.

Mailing house in Southampton

We have over 25 years of experience with customers of all types and size. You will receive high quality advice and professional handling of your mailing.

Our people have many years experience across all roles, coupled with the IT expertise to make your mailings more accurate and better delivered.

Although many of our clients are in the south east of England and they want their mailing house to be nearby we also work with companies across the UK, from large brands to SMEs.

  • Royal Mail mailing houses scheme approved
  • 250 satisfied customers
  • Skilled & knowledgeable staff
  • Industry leading software for MIS, storage and data processing
  • Backup of services in all areas of production

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Mailing house partners in northern England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland

We have an approved mailing house partner scheme. Mailing houses involved in this scheme have to meet strict criteria before they can work with us. The benefit to our partners is that they can access Asendia's postal solutions at exclusive rates and they can use our branding to attract new customers. 

The benefit to Asendia is that we have mailing houses local to our customers in all areas of the UK, so as well as providing a mailing distibution service to them, we can also offer a range of mailing fulfilment services too.

Contact us to find out more about your nearest Asendia approved mailing house.

Looking for mailing houses overseas?

Asendia has offices in 15 countries worldwide, from Europe to the USA and Asia. Each operation either has it's own mailing houses or at least has approved mailing house partners.

One significant benefit of working with Asendia is that we can produce your mailing in the country where it makes best commercial sense. We are not tied to producing your mailing in the UK simply to get the sale, we can recommend other options where appropriate.


Why choose Asendia's mailing houses?

These are the key reasons many leading brands choose Asendia's mailing houses:

  • High quality mailing houses (ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accredited mailing fulfilment services)
  • End to end mailing house solutions (from data and print to mailing fulfilment and postal services)
  • Our own mailing houses have 40 and 25 years experience
  • Our mailing houses aim to provide unrivalled client service
  • Our Bedford based mailing house handles mailings up to 1 million+ and our Southampton mailing house handles mailings of 100 to 30,000 items
  • Our mailing house partners provide coverage across the UK
  • Our mailing houses provide a wide range of printing and fulfilment options
  • Asendia is Europe's second largest postal operator and all our mailing houses can produce mail ready for distribution by Asendia's global postal network

Ultimately by choosing Asendia's mailing houses you can access low postage rates and competitive fulfilment prices; you can be assured of a high quality service; you get it all under one roof... saving you time, money, and hassle; and you'll like working with our people too.

What do you need?

Polywrapping services

Direct mail fulfilment

Business/transactional mail fulfilment

Pick and pack services

Printing services

Mailing lists and data services

Photos of our UK mailing houses

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