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Polybagging services

In addition to our polywrapping machines we have a team of people that produce packs by hand, and this includes polybagging of magazines, catalogues, etc.

When a job is out of the ordinary i.e. an unusual size, more than 10 inserts, a strange shape, etc, it can not be run on a polywrapping machine. And if it's a very short run job it might not be cost effective to set up a machine. This is where we will use our polybagging team instead.

Examples of polybagging work include:

  • Catalogue mailings
  • Brochure requests
  • Magazine mailings
  • Magazines to be sent to retailers
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Goodie bags


What is polybagging?

Polybagging is a service offered by mailing houses for inserting items into polybags (polythene bags) by hand, and then sealing the bags ready for collection.

Typically an address label and postage indicia (PPI) will also be applied to the polybag, and the polybagged items will be mailsorted and prepared for collection by a postal operator i.e. Royal Mail. Asendia has 5 Sitma polywrapping lines that would usually be used to automate this process, it is a very similar process to polybagging but uses a heat-seal rather than a self adhesive seal.

However we carry out polybagging where the volumes are quite low (so it is not worth setting up a polywrapping machine) or where the items being polybagged are non-standard and cannot be polywrapped i.e. the tems are too big or are an unusual shape.

Polybagging is typically used when we are fulfilling daily catalogue requests, or low run magazine mailings where we can complete a mailing more quickly and efficiently if the items are polybagged instead of polywrapped.