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Mail sorting services: UK and international

To achieve postage discounts your mailing needs to be sorted to meet the requirements of each postal operator. We sort your mailing list and then produce your mailing in the correct order rather than sort the mail once it's produced, saving you money and time.

We can sort your data and prepare it prior to addressing it so that you can take advantage of postage discounts, for both UK and international mailings. This includes:

  • Mailsort
  • Walksort
  • Presstream
  • Down Stream Access
  • International postal services
  • Direct entry services
  • Hand delivery services

We are licensed to print barcodes for CBC Mailsort mailings, and are able to print Mailsort OCR approved fonts too so you benefit from additional discounts where appropriate. For international mailings we can undertake complex sortations and address formatting so you can maximise postage savings worldwide.

We also have sophisticated document management software so as well as basic mail merges we can also handle variable text and images for multiple personalised documents.

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