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  • Specialist order fulfilment solutions
    ISO-accredited order fulfilment and global distribution centre.

Asendia UK's Order Fulfilment Centre; high quality, cost effective, and friendly

What can our fulfilment centre handle?

Whether you are a leading brand or small or medium (SME) sized ecommerce business, our order fulfilment centre in Bedford can provide you with high quality and low cost order fulfilment solutions. We have a large modern facility and fulfil products (clothing, toys, electronics, beauty products, suppliments, homeware, books, dry foods, etc), marketing literature, and publications; fulfilling daily orders or ad hoc campaigns. Our service is scalable and flexible and our team encompass our values of trust, friendliness and ease of use.

Increase your sales by offering shoppers more delivery options and lower prices

Distribution is usually the highest cost of order fulfilment. As a world leading international mail and parcel business we are able to distribute orders cost effectively across the UK and around the world, and we have a wide choice of delivery options; helping you to gain competitive advantage.

Going global with Asendia is easy

In addition to international mail and parcel services, we also provide international returns services, international ecommerce shopping cart solutions, and as part of a global company have fulfilment centres worldwide too. 

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Our order fulfilment solution at a glance

Key facts

Key facts about our order fulfilment centre

We provide an end to end order fulfilment solution that enables you to focus on business development, rather than spending time and resources on warehousing, staff, systems, carrier management...

  • Large modern 63,000 sq ft facility in Bedford with excellent road links, and daily vehicles to our international distribution centre at Heathrow.
  • Efficient storage and pick & pack
  • Fulfilment of single orders, consignments, & pallets
  • Fulfillment of products, marketing material, and literature
  • Our own mail and parcel services worldwide
  • ISO9001:2008 quality accredited, low error rates
  • Scalable and flexible, and easy to get set up
  • In-house systems integration team
  • Online reporting and dedicated Account Manager

Asendia's order fulfilment centre processes thousands of orders a day in several sectors. For many clients we undertake daily order fulfilment services whereas others work with us on a campaign basis where we are kitting and collating material over weeks or months.

We can gear up our order fulfilment centre for peaks and troughs in demand, and can also handle fulfilment to retailers as well as individuals.

We fulfil orders across the UK and worldwide and our packet and parcel rates are some of the lowest you will find.

Storage and stock management

Storage and stock management

Having a robust stock management procedure and sophisticated IT system is key to providing our order fulfilment solution.

We have developed our own in-house system and we have 4 programmers so are not reliant on third parties.

  • Receive stock (containers, pallets, and boxes)
  • Undertake stock checks
  • Organise your picking locations
  • Import your product information into our stock management system
  • Provide stock reports online

Order processing

Order processing

Getting your orders into our fulfilment system is typically very quick and easy. There are several options available:

  • XML integration between our IT system and your website
  • XML integration between your order processing system and our IT system i.e. your call centre system
  • Scheduled upload of data using a CSV file and import routine
  • You utilise our Call Centre agents to take telephone and postal orders and they enter the order onto our system

Our in-house team of programmers have built our IT system to be flexible and robust and they can provide documentation and telephone guidance to your IT team and/or web developers.

Once we receive orders we can print the picking sheets and address labels and move on to picking and packing the order. Paperwork can be plain or fully branded.

Pick and pack

Pick and pack

An order that is packed incorrectly can lose you a customer, so it is so important that your mail order fulfilment house has very low error rates and a robust issue resolution procedure.

At Asendia, we take great care in choosing qualified staff for our pick and pack operation as each individual is first trained, then monitored for both accuracy and efficiency.

Our pick and pack processes at our order fulfilment centre are covered by our ISO90001:2008 quality system so procedures are in place to ensure accurate picking and packing, and audit trails are available.

Flexibility becomes extremely important when you are picking and packing a wide variety of product types that come in all shapes and sizes, and with SKU counts ranging from 1 to 5000 or more! Stock can be called off for single orders, small consignments, or bulk shipments, and we have storage options to handle a variety of stock sizes.

As order pickers use the system to pull appropriate items and quantities the packing department serves as the second QC check as every order receives 100% Quality Control verification.

UK and international distribution

UK and international distribution

Asendia is Europe's second largest postal operator, so once we have fulfilled an order we are able to offer a wide range of UK and international postal and courier services to get it to your customer, whether that's a consumer or business address, in the UK or overseas.

We are able to offer a range of postal services and packet and parcel services including:

  • Signed-for mail
  • Trackable mail options
  • Priority services
  • Standard/Economy options
  • Courier services (24 and 48 hour)

Our mail order distribution prices are often what makes our overall mail order fulfilment solution the most cost effective, as postage is typically one of the most costly parts of running a mail order business.

Returns management

Parcel returns management

Having a suitable returns process can be the difference between a shopper placing their order or abandoning their shopping cart. And when dealing with international shoppers it becomes even more important to have a parcel supplier that understands the local preferences of each market and has effective returns management systems in place.

We have a range of returns solutions, so contact us today.

Mail returns management

Handling returns yourself can be a costly process, and how often do the gone-aways actually get removed from your database? This means you have ineffective data which only causes wastage and harms your sales effort.

Why not let us handle your returns and provide you with an Excel file of gone-aways which you can upload to your database.

Contact centre

Contact centre

Asendia can work hand in hand with your in-house contact centre or outsourced provider; or we can recommend Contact Centres that are already familiar with Asendia and our systems. Either way, we will be able to provide data from our warehouse management system to your customer services team so that a customer’s order or query can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Our aim is to make sure you have a streamlined contact centre and fulfilment solution, so you can handle all manner of customer queries: order status, returns, parcel tracking, etc.

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Order fulfilment prices

Request our Order Fulfilment Pricing Calculator (Microsoft Exel file) today so you can estimate the cost of outsourcing your order fulfilment to Asendia.

Please email us this brief questionnaire or give us a call today:Order fulfilment brief questionnaire 

Order fulfilment prices depend on many variables: Number of orders, number of products, storage requirements, type of products, packaging and distribution requirements, etc.

Why choose Asendia?

Why choose Asendia UK's order fulfilment centre?

Asendia has genuine differences to our competitors:

  • With over 350 employees across 4 sites in the UK and a British heritage of over 40 years, Asendia provides expert international mail solutions and is a key partner for all your domestic and global mailing needs.
  • If you choose our end-to-end service from print to post means you deal with just one supplier, providing consistent quality… not to mention saving you time and trouble.
  • With our founding partners, we have a global network and unrivaled expertise to France and Switzerland.
  • Sustainability is in our DNA. Since July 2014, our carbon offset scheme ensures all mail deliveries from European customers are carbon neutral, at no cost to the customer.
  • Our air conveyance unit at Heathrow gives us unique access to direct line hauls to over 200 destinations. Faster, more accountable, reliable.
  • Being part of a global organisation gives us financial stability, meaning your business can grow safely in our hands

Plus our experienced team are friendly professionals you can trust to find solutions that are easy to use. Just ask!

What do we handle?

What do we handle?

We handle orders for a wide variety of items, from valuable goods to free literature like brochures and catalogues.

  • Medical equipment, clothing, toys...
  • Merchandise, food supplements, information packs...
  • Consumer electronics, welcome packs, brochures...
  • Baby products, instruction manuals, DVDs...
  • Directories, CDs, guides...
  • Perfume, cosmetics, university prospectus...
  • Homeware, reports, toiletries...
  • Books, gardenware...
  • Point of sale material...
  • Product samples...

We handle literature and product fulfilment services to charities, ecommerce businesses, publishers, travel companies, corporates, leisure businesses, universities, associations and more.

Case studies

Case studies

We work with leading retailers, web-shops, and publishers, as well as start-up ecommerce businesses and charities.

We provide product fulfilment and literature fulfilment services. Both require slightly different storage set up and pick and pack procedures, and typically the postal services required differ too. We appreciate these differences and have fulfilment options and pricing packages to suit.

Clients include:



Quick video tour of our Order Fulfilment Centre