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Kitting and collation

Asendia handles kitting and collation for large adhoc campaigns as well as kitting and collation for orders that need to be fulfilled daily throughout the year.

We have a 63,000 sq ft fulfilment centre so we can take in containers full of material including literature and products, break it down for long term storage or get it straight onto the production line for use immediately. We are used to managing containers and pallets whether they are coming from as far a way as China, or from a local printer.

Our team of hand fulfilment workers are skilled at kitting and collation (hand fulfilment) and are able to undertake hand fulfilment work quickly and accurately whether it is producing one pallet of material for a mailing, or collating several lorry loads to be distributed to a UK wide network of retailers. This keeps our kitting and collation costs low, and our client satisfaction high.

Examples of kitting and collation we undertake

We provide kitting and collation services to retailers, charities, manufacturers, leisure companies, publishers etc. Examples of this kitting and collation include:

  • Preparing clothing and apparel to be sent to retailers
  • Collating millions of pieces of literature on pallets to be sent to fundraising teams
  • Kitting and collation of products and accessories
  • Collating welcome packs
  • Kitting and collating DVDs and merchandise
  • Producing POS and exhibition material
  • Kitting and collating perfume sample packs
  • Producing direct mail packs that can not be produced by machine

Once we have collated an order we can distribute it throughout the UK and internationally using a wide range of courier, postal, and freight partners.