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Tracked Goods


Tracked Goods provides excellent value for money and delivery reliability. It provides tracking throughout the delivery process, but prices are kept low as it utilises our postal network. There are Mailbox and Personal Delivery options, plus our new Boxable format could save you even more money.

We offer tracking notification at several stages through to final delivery to the recipient and the delivery information is available within 24 to 48 hours.

You can choose e-mail notification as an additional option, which allows the recipient to be informed effortlessly about delivery status. With the track & trace link you can allow the recipient to trace the parcel to its location.

2 delivery options - Mailbox Delivery or Personal Delivery (signature required)

You can choose between two home delivery options. Send your parcel to the mailbox of the recipient or choose personal delivery, where the parcel is handed over directly to the recipient upon signature.

Benefit from our Boxable format

Our new Boxable format suits packets that will fit through a mailbox, so delivery can be made first time; this saves us time and we pass a saving onto you.


Tracking: Departure to destination country
Arrival in destination country
Delivery to recipient
Mandatory choice: Mailbox delivery (without signature)
Personal delivery (with signature)
Options: Email notification
Weight: 0–2kg
Minimum dimension:
Maximum dimension:
15 cm length, 11 cm height
60 cm length, height or width
90 cm total length + height + width

Important information about tracking
Tracked Goods is a cost effective tracked postal service, providing significant savings compared to Premium Goods and other Courier services (services where you can almost guarantee complete tracking on all deliveries). A reason savings are provided is because the tracking quality with Tracked Goods varies per country and during peak periods so we cannot guarantee 100% of items will be fully tracked. This is the nature of tracked postal services worldwide.

A missed scan does not indicate non-delivery, it only indicates that a scan was not undertaken. This service does provide a very high level of delivery reliability.

For higher value goods or where full tracking is always required please use our Premium Goods service.

Additional Services

Enhance the efficiency of your international delivery with our value added services.

Dispatch preparation

Dispatch preparation

Optimise your shipments by using our professional services for all key aspects of the dispatch. We advise you on the right choice of packaging, address format or parcel labelling.

Customs and VAT advice

Customs and VAT advice

Take advantage of our many years of experience and local representation in the key destination markets by drawing on our up-to-the-minute knowledge. We ensure that your products reach their cross-border destination outside the EU with optimal efficiency.

Returns management

Returns management

With the prepaid return service, your customer can return the product free of charge. You take over the postage costs and provide a pre-printed return label to your customer.
An easy solution to simplify the returns process for your customers and enhance their confidence in buying goods abroad.

Prices and Placing Orders

Our prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

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