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Expert Direct Mail

International Direct Mail ServicesOptimising your international direct mail campaigns

If you are looking for a truly global solution to your complex cross-border direct marketing needs, then Expert Direct Mail is the answer.

Reducing your costs and improving the distribution and delivery of your direct mail campaigns, Expert Direct Mail optimises the preparation and sorting of your mailings and combines this with preferential rates to all major global destinations. The result: superior and more cost efficient delivery of your direct marketing campaigns.

A variety of delivery options are available to meet your needs and with our support and local knowledge we will work with you to deliver outstanding international direct marketing campaigns and improve your return on investment.

Addressing the challenges of large volume cross-border direct marketing

You may face many challenges in managing and executing complex cross-border direct marketing campaigns, including localisation, optimum mailing formats, customs issues and the most effective origination point.

We are on hand to provide you with the advice to help you overcome these challenges and optimise your global mailings, with the international and cross-border knowledge to make your mailings a success.

Expert Direct Mail offers better control of your costs:

  • A complete international solution for your direct marketing needs
  • More secure and reliable delivery of your marketing messages
  • Minimising costs through optimised preparation and sorting of your mass mailings
  • Best rates for France and Switzerland
  • Wide range of delivery options including priority, delivery confirmation and specific date

Find out if Expert Direct Mail is the right package for your mailings in the table below:


Expert Direct Mail at a glance

Delivery speed Priority
Limitations Weight: 2kg max
Size Specific to each individual country
Preparation Materials should be sorted by country, zone, format and option plus possible specific requirements of the destination country.
Undeliverable items There is a choice if options available for undeliverable items:
  • Physical return
  • Digital scan of item and Physical return
  • Destruction
  • Digital scan of item and Destruction
Minimum Quantities Minimum 300 items required per despatch, destination country and sender
Options Priority Mail*
Fast delivery option for time sensitive marketing materials

On-time Mail*
Where certainty on delivery date is required

Suitable and cost effective for non-time-sensitive shipments
- only in combination with "Economy" service and to specific destinations

Unaddressed Mail**
Where mail is delivered to a specific area but without exact names and addresses – general door drop

*Available for major destinations
** Available for destination Switzerland only
Prices and Placing Orders

Our prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

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