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Data cleansing services

Asendia can clean and prepare your mailing lists to help reduce wastage and improve your response rates.

We offer a wide range of data cleansing services to ensure that your mailing list is as clean as possible before you spend valuable budget mailing to incorrect addresses, people that are bereaved, people that have opted out, etc.

  • UK and worldwide address enhancement
  • Merge/purge and de-duplication
  • Case conversion and salutation building

We can clean your data against most suppression files including the most popular:

  • Postal Address File (PAF) and Quick Address
  • National Change Of Address file (NCOA)
  • Gone Aways Suppression file (GAS)
  • Bereavement Register file (TBR)
  • Mortascreen
  • Mailing Preference Service file (MPS)
  • Telephone Preference Service file(TPS)

Many of these cleansing services are available for international data as well as UK.

Free data health check

We can provide you with a FREE Data Health Check to ensure your mailing lists are clean. As well as reducing wastage this will ensure you do not target those that are deceased or MPS subscribers which would harm your brand.