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Daily Business Mail 

International Business Mail ServicesFor your daily international correspondence

For a simple and cost effective way to dispatch your daily international business mail delivered to recipients around the world Daily Business Mail is the answer. Ideal for unplanned small to medium shipments or personalised business mail such as business correspondence, invoices, proposals, contracts, ordered brochures etc. we will ensure that your business mail is in good hands.

Answering the challenges of cross-border business correspondence

Distributing your business mail around the world requires more preparation than domestic mail and with our support we make it easier and more cost effective for your business to reach out to your customers, wherever they are. Through many years of international mail expertise we help you to get it right first time, whether in choosing the right packaging, correctly preparing you mail, optimising your franking or ensuring that it is sorted correctly and in the right format.

The benefits:

  • Save time and focus on your core business while we take care of your mail preparation
  • Reduce costs by keeping customer data up to date through undeliverable item notification
  • Plan and take control of your expenses through a fixed annual "Rate Card"
  • Deliver urgent shipments faster to your customers around the world with our Priority service
  • Keep informed of the whereabouts of critical letters/packages via our tracking system
  • Be legally covered by safeguarding your mail with our "registered" option

For a reliable and more cost effective international mail service see more details below:


Daily Business Mail at a glance

Delivery speed Priority
Limitations Weight: 2kg max
Size Small to medium shipments
Preparation Asendia arranges: packaging, franking, sortation per country & format Customer arranges: pre-sortation according to speed level and options (where needed)
Undeliverable items There is a choice of options available for undeliverable items:
  • Physical return
  • Digital scan of item and Physical return
  • Destruction
  • Digital scan of item and Destruction
Options Registered (for Priority)
Ideal for sensitive shipments or whenever legal proof is required.
  • only with Priority Service Level
  • only handed over when personally signed by recipient upon delivery
  • insurance option for refund/compensation in case of lost or damaged shipment
  • basic tracking for some countries: current status can be checked online at any time
Tracking (for Priority)
Ideal for mail requiring electronic Track & Trace
(available for most countries).
  • only with Priority Service Level
  • current status can be checked online at any time
Budget – Eco Mail (for Economy)
Suitable and cost effective for non-time-sensitive shipments.
  • only in combination with "Economy" service and to specific destinations
Prices and Placing Orders

Our prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

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Full details about each service i.e. what can you mail, to which destinations, delivery aims, packaging and labelling requirements, prohibited items, etc