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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 05.05.2015

Why fulfilment is important for service sector businesses

If you run a business that sells a service instead of physical products, you may not have considered using a fulfilment house. After all, you don't have to transport large quantities of material goods to your customers. As such, it might feel like fulfilment services just aren't relevant to your business model. Nothing could be further from the truth! You might be surprised to learn just how valuable different forms of fulfilment could be to your business.

Mailing fulfilment is the easiest type of fulfilment to overlook if you run a business in the service sector. However, it can actually be of immense benefit to your company. You may not ship products to your customers, but think about how much mail you send them! If you run a fairly substantial operation, you probably send your regular clients special offers, important news relating to your business, requests for feedback on your service and maybe even a branded magazine designed to promote your company and engage with consumers. Even though you're not sending out products, your business still generates a significant amount of mail. How much space do you rent just to store all this mail? How many staff have you taken on purely to handle mailing-related duties? Mailing fulfilment houses already have the space and staff necessary to handle everything you need to send to your customers; you could substantially cut your overhead costs simply by handing over your business's mailing responsibilities to a respectable fulfilment service.

Your business could also benefit from direct mail fulfilment. Mailing fulfilment services send out your company's pre-existing physical mail for you. In comparison, direct mail fulfilment services create and send out marketing material on your behalf. Fulfilment houses that deal with direct mail fulfilment have the expertise to craft and implement direct marketing campaigns that can attract new customers to your business or cement the loyalty of your existing client-base. Creating and administering your own direct mail marketing campaigns can be time-consuming and costly. It can also feel distracting and frustrating when you want to concentrate on running other aspects of your business. So why not get a direct mail fulfilment service involved?

Service-based business can often ignore the power of fulfilment because they assume that fulfilment services are just for businesses with large numbers of physical products to transport. Don't make that mistake; both mailing fulfilment and direct mail fulfilment services