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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 06.05.2015

Why direct mail can be more effective than email

In the world of marketing, it is fair to say that in recent years technology has altered the landscape. So much so in fact that for many businesses, direct mail has been almost totally shunned in favour of its email equivalent, but is that the right approach to be taking?

We think not, and here are three reasons why:

1. Direct mail actually gets through

You might think that direct mail material once delivered gets pretty short shrift from the recipient. But relative to email, does it really? Think about it, how many emails that arrive in your inbox are dismissed without even so much as being opened? Plenty we would imagine. Think of all of the effort you put into your latest marketing material being binned without ever been viewed by the customers you are targeting. Direct mail at least gives you a chance to get your message across.

2. Extra WOW factor

The scope to create something beautiful, and indeed useful, is far greater than with email that more often than not can end up looking bland by comparison. You have a chance to really stand out with direct mail. Use three dimensional material when you can, because nobody puts a parcel straight in the bin, and you are immediately given a chance to make your pitch and make your prospective client feel really special.

3. Direct mail is more trusted

In this digital age we are seeing an increased concern for online safety and privacy. Spam emails are part our online lives and any message received from a sender that is not immediately recognised is treated with suspicion.

Be it an overzealous spam filter on an email programme or simply the distrust of your prospect and there is a very real possibility of the email content that you slaved over never actually getting through. Transfer that content to a beautifully crafted direct mail piece, however, and the chances of it being viewed by your prospect increase markedly.

Still feel like email is the holy grail in modern marketing? We thought not. 2015 could be the time to give direct mail another chance to work for your business.