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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 31.08.2015

What delivery options should you offer your online shoppers?


Offering a wide-ranging and comprehensive number of delivery options should allow you to meet the varied needs of customers. Online shoppers could want their purchase overnight, or if it is not urgent they might prefer to pay less for a longer wait.

Your online customers should always be offered a premium delivery service that will get their purchase to them within 24 hours. This should be your most expensive delivery option but also the best, and you may even like to offer a courier service for next day delivery.

Free delivery is also something that should be offered for customers that cannot afford extra delivery charges, or do not want their purchase delivered to them immediately. Free delivery does not have to be available for all items either; it can just be available for certain items or if a customer spends more than a certain amount.

An international company should also offer worldwide delivery, or - at the very least - deliveries to certain countries where the company is most popular and well-known. This is going to be a more expensive type of delivery, as things such as shipping costs, fuel and labour have to be taken into account. Also, for peace of mind, the customer should be able to track their delivery online so they know it's on the way and so they can get an idea of when their delivery will arrive.

There should be different options for international delivery, as not every customer may be able to afford the higher fees for premium overseas delivery. The customer may also be okay with waiting a longer time for their order, in which case, a cheaper version of international delivery should be made an option for the customer.

If you are selling items of an urgent nature you should also offer a same-day courier service that can give the customer their purchase as soon as possible, on the same day. Getting an item exactly when they want it is very important for the customer, so this option is vital for customer satisfaction.