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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 02.09.2015

UK e-commerce shoppers not ready for drone delivery, survey finds

At present, the e-commerce industry is full of news about drone delivery services. Everywhere you look, you're bombarded with news stories about how drones are going to revolutionise e-commerce order fulfilment and shipping, or about the latest developments in drone technology. However, despite all of this, a new survey has found that e-commerce consumers in the United Kingdom are not quite as ready for drone technology as we in the industry might think. So, let's take a look at this survey in more detail and try to figure out what its results might mean for the e-commerce industry.

The survey, carried out by charitable shopping website Give As You Live, found that less than a third of people are ready for drone deliveries in the United Kingdom, with many people (22% of those surveyed) believing that drones are simply not up to the task of making deliveries on time and to the correct address. In addition, 31% of the people thought that drones would not be able to deliver large or heavy parcels with ease, as is suggested by some of the drone development agencies and e-commerce companies pioneering drone technology, like Amazon. However, the main concern of many of the people surveyed was for the safety of their items. In fact, around 5% of the people surveyed admitted that they themselves would think about stealing packages from drones making e-commerce deliveries if they had the chance! However, 40% of them also said that drones could speed up the delivery process, especially to remote or isolated areas.

What does this mean for the future of drones in the e-commerce industry?

Clearly, whilst the results of this survey tell us something about the way the consumer views drones, developers are not simply going to stop with development. Drones have been on the horizon for some time, and many experts have predicted that it may take consumers a while to get used to them. Therefore, the message from the industry is that once we get used to them, drones will probably become an integral part of the e-commerce order process, and will feature more and more in our everyday lives.