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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 26.07.2015

Three reason why direct mail marketing campaigns can be more successful than email marketing


In today's technologically advanced society, many businesses presume that direct mail marketing campaigns will not be as effective as modern digital marketing strategies. However, given that a report by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that direct mail has an average response rate of 4.4% compared to email's meagre 0.12% response rate, it is evident that direct mail marketing campaigns can still be extremely beneficial for both small businesses and large corporations.

To further illustrate this point, listed below are three reasons why direct mail is still popular and effective:

1. You can personally connect with consumers

As the aforementioned statistics highlight, direct mail marketing has a higher response rate than email marketing. This is due to the fact that direct mail generates a more personal response from consumers than email; as illustrated by research undertaken at Bangor University: "greater emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than by the virtual. The 'real' experience that the physical media provides, means it's better at becoming part of memory. It generates more emotion, which should help to develop more positive brand associations. The real experience is also internalised, which means the materials have a more personal effect, and therefore should aid motivation."

Consequently, not only will direct mail marketing generate more custom for your business, but it will also earn you emotionally invested clients who will be more inclined to utilise your products and services in the long term.

2. You can advertise to your target market

One of the main benefits of using direct mail marketing campaigns is the ability to isolate your target market via direct mailing lists. Unlike email mailing lists, which will not equip you with sufficient contact data, direct mailing lists will provide you with a physical address for your clients, which you can then compare with your other consumer databases in order to certify that these clients are in your preferred demographic. By doing so, you can avoid expending unnecessary time, funds and resources on blind mass advertising and instead directly promote your services to your key customers.

3. Customers prefer direct mail!

According to an Epsilon study, over 50% of consumers prefer direct mail to email, with 70% of these respondents stating that they preferred direct mail for receiving unsolicited information from unfamiliar companies. With the rise of online identity theft, malware and ever-increasing swarms of junk mail cluttering customers' inboxes, direct mail offers an alternative marketing method that is both trustworthy and legitimate.