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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 13.08.2015

The world outside of Amazon and eBay


When you consider the world of e-commerce, Amazon and eBay are the names that simply dominate the global marketplace. There are, though, a number of alternatives.

If you sell a niche product, or even want to try your hand with some other markets, then it's well worth checking out some of these options:

1. Newegg

Targeted at the tech crowd, Newegg has evolved into a more mature marketplace that now offers a whole host of products. Commission rates are 8%-15%, depending on the kind of product you sell, and new sellers must be pre-approved. New egg is big on customer satisfaction, so fulfilment houses will have to be on top of their game; all products must be shipped within 72 hours of offer confirmation.

2. Rakuten

This Japanese-owned market operates throughout Europe and the Americas, as well as Asia. A quarterly membership fee applies and there is then a commission applied to each product and sale. This is a good way to introduce your products to the Japanese market, as sellers can create a branded storefront and present their products to the Japanese buyers with no extra costs. If you're interested in making it big in Japan, it's well worth trying this market.

3. Mercado Libre

If you think you could sell your products to Latin America, then you have to be on Mercado Libre. Its main focus is Mexico and Brazil, but that's a huge market and if your product is appropriate, it's good to know that Mercado Libre can assist with everything from translation and advert placement through to logistics and e-commerce fulfilment. 

4. Alibaba

The biggest e-commerce site in the world. This Chinese giant, dwarfs both eBay and Amazon but, specialises in bulk sales, so you have to be a volume seller to make any kind of impression. Many of the products that end up being sold by smaller businesses on Amazon and eBay, started life being advertised by the thousand on this Chinese storefront that comprises a number of different websites under one roof.