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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 04.08.2015

Subscription fulfilment makes branded magazines possible


Does your business offer its customers a magazine? Branded lifestyle magazines are a great way for businesses to establish their identity and cultivate consumers loyalty. By reflecting the lifestyle values of customers, magazines allow those customers to identify with the brand they represent. There's only one problem; putting out a branded magazine can be an expensive and complex undertaking. Larger companies can afford the operation, but smaller and medium-sized businesses may have trouble. But don't panic! If you want to launch a magazine for your brand, outsourcing subscription fulfilment can help you simplify the process and - just as importantly - keep your costs down!

You might think that subscription fulfilment services are only for print-media businesses that exist to product magazines or newspapers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regardless of what type of business you run, you can use subscription fulfilment services to distribute your branded magazines. Whether you run a website design service or a local shop, you can take advantage of subscription fulfilment!

Subscription fulfilment services can store your magazines until it's time to send them off, dispatch them to everyone on your list of subscribers and (in some cases) even accept new subscribers who might sign up to receive the magazine. In other words, all you have to do is product the magazine. Because the fulfilment house provide their own warehousing facilities and handle the vast majority of the subscription-and-delivery process, you can save time and money on both storing and sending out magazines.

Of course, not every business needs its own magazine, However, many small businesses could benefit from creating a branded magazine, even if they don't realise it. Small boutiques and cutting-edge web-based businesses, for example, are both associated with different lifestyles and are perceived to have distinctive values and even personalities. This means that they have an identity that can be built on by using branded magazines, thus increasing customer awareness and loyalty.

If your business has a particular 'brand personality', then it could benefit from putting out its own magazine. Subscription fulfilment services are there to make this process much easier and much less costly. If your brand is ready for its own publicaton, don't hesitate because of financial concerns or worries over the complexities of setting up subscriptions; simply turn to a subscription fulfilment service. You'll be glad you did!