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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts | 12.10.2015

Send and destroy, a new market for deleting data

Couriers are used to send many things, most of which the recipient would like to receive in good condition. However, one UK company is taking a more destructive route, using tracked couriers to receive old computer storage and data devices, from hard disks to memory sticks, to ensure the data on them is securely wiped and the devices stripped down for recycling.

With data breaches commonly in the news, along with tabloid stories of people buying second hand devices that contain confidential information, this service is helping British business and home users dispose of their old data and devices in a secure manner. Devices are securely and redundantly stripped of any data before being dismantled to save them ending up in landfill sites. The owner gets a certificate of destruction, and the company is regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office to ensure the job is done to approved standards.

Tracked couriers are far less likely to lose these vital parcels than standard post, and the additional business will only increase as more companies become aware of their responsibilities over data, and the huge costs in fines or loss of business that can result from theft or loss of that information. With services for homes and business, this is another innovative example of business use of the delivery and order fulfillment chain, and in this case we're sure no one will object about the odd bump on the way to the recycling centre.

With huge numbers of new iPhone and iPad devices, plus new Kindle Fire tablets and other devices sold via e-commerce, along with companies that buy second hand tablets and smartphones through the mail, there are millions of digital devices being sent around the UK with secure and prompt delivery all part of the service. When those devices come to the end of their life, having them recycled in a secure way will soon be another common use of the parcel and courier network to ensure they meet a safe and suitable end.

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