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Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 23.02.2015

Quick read codes for a holistic approach

Many discussions of marketing campaigns propose a tension between direct mail advertising and SMS and online ad campaigns. But why not have the best of both worlds and integrate some quick response ('QR') codes for smartphones into your direct mailouts? That way, you give your customers a holistic experience that unites their online and offline lives.

The benefits of QR codes in direct mail

Recent research into the global usage of QR codes in 2015 has shown that the top 5 countries for using and scanning these codes include the US, UK, Malaysia, Australia, and Canada. If you are sending mailouts to any of these countries, it makes sense to capitalise on these trends and include some QR codes in your mail.

Enabling a user to scan a QR code with their smartphone gets them actively engaged with your marketing campaign. If the code takes them to an online discount, or unlocks some interesting content that speaks to them, it will help to increase your conversion rates as readers of your mailouts convert to loyal paying customers.

Another advantage of using QR codes is that you can use software to analyse how many people are scanning the codes with their smartphones. This gives you a good estimate of how many people are reading your direct mailouts - invaluable information for formulating future marketing campaigns.

Get the best of both worlds

There is no need to feel that you have to choose between online marketing strategies and paper mailouts. Use both together for the optimum effect with QR codes.

This way, you do not lose the powerful tool that is direct mail marketing. When a customer physically receives something in the post, particularly if it is attractive to look at and fun and informative to read, they experience a personal engagement with your brand.

In 2014, most QR codes (53% of all QR codes created) took users to websites. If you are new to QR technology, then, why not start off by creating a scannable QR code that will take your customers straight to your company's website?