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    » Tips & Facts | 20.01.2016

    Perfect timing to boost sales


    Optimise your direct marketing and e-commerce planning with our handy international Asendia Planner.

    Our interactive calendar features twenty one countries, including the USA, UK, France, and Switzerland, displaying all of the official and school holidays for each ‒ useful information for planning your e-commerce and direct marketing activities around.

    For instance, as the home of Thanksgiving, the USA is one of the most significant markets for Black Friday in November; while many countries have very specific and personal celebration days you should bear in mind, such as German Unity Day, the Flemish and French Community Days in Belgium, and Italy’s Liberation and Republic Days.

    The calendar is not only the ideal starting point for your market research, but it also shows the most important e-commerce fairs in Europe and America, where you can discover best practice, industry insights, and make valuable connections.

    So how can you plan ahead using the Asendia planner?

    Firstly, it’s a good idea to thoroughly research your market’s approach to its holidays: do online sales peak in the run-up to a national holiday (as people prepare for the festivities) or are the days themselves useful to bear in mind (for example, Britain’s Boxing Day sales are a big deal)? Also consider how your stock or inventory requirements may change: is there a particular product you sell which would be in particular demand during these times or should you anticipate an increased volume of orders across your whole product range? And if you have a localised website, why not incorporate holiday-specific pages and customised product listings?

    The possibilities are endless ‒ discover new opportunities in our planner here.

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