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E‐Commerce » Trends, Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 26.01.2015

Packaging and the environment

You may have heard the news stories from a couple of years ago about customers at supermarkets dumping excess packaging at checkouts, or even posting it to the CEOs of grocery chains. As consumers become ecologically aware, they can often react negatively to parcels that involve unnecessary and excessive amounts of packaging. And yet, delivery companies know very well that items need to be wrapped adequately in order to ensure they survive their journey to the customer and arrive in perfect condition.

What can you do to ensure that your planet loving customers stay happy with their deliveries? Here are three simple but effective ideas.

1.Keep the customer informed.

Add a printed note on your packaging to say if a certain percentage is recycled, or if it can be easily recycled after the consumer has torn it open to get to their item. If a fragile item needs a little extra padding, why not include a label that clearly informs the consumer that this added packaging was necessary to ensure the safe shipping of their goods.

2.Get rid of extraneous leaflets, labels, and layers.

Getting rid of slips of paper, added layers of cardboard, and stick on paper labels is not only appealing to environmentally conscious customers, it can also save you a sizeable sum of money. Why not spend some time adding up how much money you spend on those boxes within boxes, extraneous paper leaflets, or on sticking labels onto packages rather than printing the address straight on to cardboard? You may be surprised how much money you can save by being eco-friendly!

3.Go green (literally)!

It may seem simple, but selecting a green colour and a nature related motif for your deliveries (such as a flower) can be a powerful way of conveying a message to your customer that you care about the environment. These iconic symbols can strongly reinforce your statements about how eco-friendly your packaging is.

Formulate an eco-friendly packaging strategy today and you will keep your customers happy whilst also saving yourself cash! Everyone wins.