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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 02.10.2015

Our top three mail catalogue marketing tips

According to a Postal Service research project entitled "The Multi-Channel Catalogue Study", mail catalogues can improve the profit margins of e-commerce sites by up to 50%. In fact, the study revealed that customers who received mail catalogues from e-commerce sites made 16% more visits to these sites, and viewed 22% more pages and spent 15% more time at the retailer’s website.

At Asendia we are dedicated to informing our clients about the latest and most effective direct mail marketing strategies. Listed below are our top three tips on how you can successfully utilise mail catalogues to generate more traffic and return custom for your e-commerce site:

1. Categorise your products

The majority of clients will skim read your mail catalogue and, as such, it is imperative that you format your content in a manner that will captivate consumer interest and entice prospects to explore your brand's products and services in further detail. A great way to create this engaging formatting is to categorise your products into various sections. For instance; if you own an e-commerce clothing site then you could divide your products into various Smart, Casual, Business and Evening Wear sections.

2. Include clear and concise content

The time honoured cliché "a picture is worth a thousand words" directly applies to mail catalogues. In this manner you should include bold, high resolution images of your most popular and relevant products throughout your catalogue and only include textual content where necessary. As a rule you should strive to include less than 300 words of text for each product that is listed within your catalogue.

3. Provide multiple purchase options

When designing a mail catalogue, you will want to ensure that your customers can quickly order your products with minimal hassle or logistical complications. To facilitate this effortless ordering process, you should endeavour to advertise as many purchase options as possible throughout your mail catalogue. Simply by placing your company phone number, email address, web address and social media profiles at the end of each page of your catalogue you can subtly encourage your clients to rapidly purchase products from your e-commerce site in the manner of their choosing. What's more, this contact information will also prompt your clients to investigate your e-commerce website in greater depth, which will in turn increase the likelihood of their future custom.