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E‐Commerce » Trends, Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 29.01.2015

Offering a 'return' option on your e-commerce site will increase sales

Delivery options are extremely important when it comes to conversion rates - i.e. the numbers of people who convert from simply visiting a site to actually purchasing something from that site. In a recent report, the consumer watchdog Which? found that when it came to e-commerce in 2014, a third of all customer complaints related to delivery problems.

Ensure that 2015 is the year that you do not experience any customer complaints by giving your customers the delivery options that they want. One of the most important things that you can do in this respect is to give your customers the option to return items that they are not satisfied with.

Even if a customer is not satisfied with one item they buy from your store, a friendly and efficient returns policy will make sure that they are more likely to try and buy from your e-commerce site again.

Moreover, research has suggested that the very fact that an e-commerce site offers returns places it in a positive light for customers. Stating 'no returns' at the checkout can look a little like you are worried that your customers would return items if they could. On the other hand, providing a transparent and simple customer-centred return policy that gives customers their money back within a certain period increases your credibility and shows that you care about your customers.

A recent article on fashion buying in 'Screen Pages', the online e-commerce analysis site, found that 45% of customers said that they were more likely to buy from companies that offered them free returns.

Perhaps you have been thinking that offering free returns will lose you money. Chances are that it will actually increase your revenue, by increasing the numbers of people who choose to buy from your e-commerce site.

Your returns policy will be particularly effective if you choose a top quality courier and delivery service. That way you can ensure that all returns and refunds are processed quickly and efficiently.

Focusing on returns as much as deliveries could give your business just the revenue boost that it needs for the new year.