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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 11.09.2015

More secrets to boosting magazine subscriptions

Magazines cover almost every subject matter that a reader can think of, from skydiving to knitting, and many readers subscribe to their favourite magazine to avoid missing an issue.

The rate of circulation and subscription fulfilment is important to advertisers, who provide the majority of a magazine's earnings. That means a sparse magazine distribution could be detrimental for its publisher.

There are many secret marketing strategies available to publishers to boost their subscription fulfilment rates. We've already covered how to attract new subscribers to your magazine or journal, but here are a few more of our favourites:

1. Encourage current subscribers to increase awareness of the magazine. For example, if a reader renews their subscription then offer a heavily discounted second subscription that could be given as a gift. Social media can also be a great platform to boost subscription rates, as readers share and like your articles online to their circle of online friends. This leads us on to the next point nicely.

2. Social networks can be used to attract potential subscribers through the use of a Twitter feed or a Facebook feed. This will increase awareness and interest in the magazine through tantalising titbits from the current issue, or incentives such as contests or prize draws.

3. Promote your magazine at events that are linked to its theme. For example, if you publish a beading magazine, advertise at craft fairs and continue to offer incentives at such events to reel in more subscribers.

4. Partner with a featured manufacturer from your magazine. For example, if the magazine is based on vintage furniture then contract a vintage furniture restoration company to offer a discounted subscription or free issue with every initial purchase of a piece of furniture that you may have featured.

5. Reward loyalty. It's not just new subscriptions that you need to be aware of attracting; retaining current subscribers is also a vital component to maintaining high rates. There are many ways to achieve this, for example by offering an exclusive bundle of related products, services or information when a customer renews their subscription. It will add value to your brand and increase the perceived value of the magazine.