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Importance of m-commerce for online retail
E‐Commerce » Trends | 08.04.2015

M-commerce: the future of online retail?


M-commerce continues to grow across the world, highlighting the importance for retailers to keep up with the latest technological trends.

One of the main drivers of m-commerce is convenience: shoppers are becoming increasingly mobile, with smartphone adoption being particularly responsible for the growth. Figures from the Centre for Retail Research reveal that in Sweden and Great Britain, smartphone penetration has reached 75% and 74% respectively, and in Poland, which is just emerging as a promising e-commerce market, smartphone penetration has already reached 42%. Shoppers expect to be able to shop on the go, whenever and wherever they may be.

"M-commerce will continue to grow - including emerging markets like Poland and Spain..."

Where do online shoppers make their purchase?

In terms of where e-shoppers do make their purchases, desktop is still strides ahead. However, both smartphones and tablets are taking more of the share of transactions – again, Sweden, Great Britain, and Germany show a significant share of purchases made on mobile devices (17-19%), demonstrating that even long established markets are enthusiastic adopters of alternative ways to shop.

This share of the market will continue to grow – while desktop spending will increase slightly during 2015, m-commerce will grow by 63%. This is true for both Europe as a whole and for each country in the survey. For year-on-year growth, emerging markets like Poland and Spain poll among the strongest, with forecasts showing Poland’s m-commerce spend will more than double this year.

So how can retailers make the most of this promising trend?

Firstly, ensure you have a good, mobile responsive website, which is easy to navigate and has a quick and clear purchase journey. Also, consider each market you sell to on an individual basis – device behaviour does vary from country to country. Trust and security is crucial to all e-commerce, but especially m-commerce – make sure any security software you use is tailored to your mobile site and not just your standard desktop software.

M-commerce is here to stay, offering choice and flexibility to consumers; discover more statistics from the Centre of Retail Research here.


M-Commerce in online sales