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E‐Commerce » Trends, Country Focus | 07.02.2014

It’s time for a more social e-trade in Sweden…


Swedish e-trade is growing more than ever and Swedish e-trade companies are considered to be leading on the EU market. Crossing one or more borders will be the next Swedish export success. This situation makes it even more surprising that the connection between e-trade and social media is relatively weak in Sweden.

Non-social media
During fall 2013 Asendia made an interesting survey on e-traders activities in social media. We know from before that there are strong connections between Facebook and buying impulses. Out of all e-trade consumers 40 % use social media daily and 80 % declared that they are influenced by this in the buying process.

Looking into 45 Swedish e-trade companies we were forced to conclude that less than 50 % had a satisfactory presence in social media:
- 29 companies on Facebook
- 7 companies on Google+
- 25 companies on Twitter
- 10 companies on LinkedIn
- 13 companies were blogging

The strength of personal recommendations
A recommendation from one consumer to another has become a central issue for modern marketing. Many of the new brands being younger than ten years have based their whole communications concept on people talking about their brand. According to the Nielsen Global Trust survey a recommendation from someone I know is still the leading buying factor. 92 % of all considered this the most trustworthy. This result is enough reason for e-traders to use social media more offensively to create more conversations about their products. To provide your satisfied consumers with arguments and tools to recommend should be basic for all companies.

“According to the Nielsen Global Trust survey a recommendation from someone I know is still the leading buying factor.”

They talk about you!
The use of social media is not only about sharing our experiences. If you successfully embrace social media channels you will increase brand awareness and develop a base for a deeper dialogue between you and your consumers. On social media you may get feedback on your track record that may be intimidating but which will help you in your product and service development.

Most hits win!
To all of the above mentioned should be added the fact that more presence in different channels creates more hits in the search engines. There is for example a strong connection between Google and Google+. To create a presence on Google+ may be an inexpensive search engine optimization. And don’t forget about Wikipedia – simple, cheap and many hits.

Content marketing has become a kind of buzz word in marketing but it is really simple rules underlying the concept. Create fascinating content about things you are experts on – share it on the net and let the consumer come to you!


About the author

Thomas Sjölin is the CEO of Asendia Nordic AB and Asendia Netherlands B.V. B2C is the main focus for Asendia and Thomas thinks that there are more aspects to delivering excellence within this area than just the physical distribution.