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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 18.09.2015

International direct mail can help your charity tackle global issues

Some issues are so important that they transcend national boundaries. Humanitarian crises and ongoing problems that affect people around the world, such as global poverty, are best addressed on an international level. If you run a charity that endeavours to address an international issue, it makes sense to recruit international support. However, this can be a tough task. After all, every nation has its own language and culture, which need to be taken into account when launching an international campaign to attract support and donations for your charity. What’s more, you may not know which demographics to target outside your own country, which can make finding a receptive audience for your campaign difficult. However, there is a way to recruit international support for your charity that’s both effective and easy: you can hire a fulfilment house.

You may already know that fulfilment houses can help recruit donors within your own country through charity fulfilment. What you may not realise is that they can also launch international direct mail campaigns on behalf of your charity to attract funding and support from around the globe.

Launching an effective international direct mail campaign may not be practical, due to linguistic and cultural barriers. However, fulfilment houses that offer international direct mail fulfilment and charity fulfilment can easily get your charity’s message across to prospective donors regardless of what country they happen to be in. These fulfilment houses have the expertise needed to tailor your charity’s message for international audiences. They also know which demographics to target in different locations around the world, so they can make sure your message reaches the right people. By hiring a fulfilment house to help you launch an international direct mail campaign, you can attract international donations without incurring the difficulties and costs associated with handling the campaign on your own.

By launching an international campaign, you can increase the number of potential donors and supporters who will help your cause. This additional support is vital if you want your charity to successfully tackle large-scale global issues. Luckily, international direct mail campaigns and charity fulfilment make it possible to recruit all the support you need across borders.