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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 05.11.2015

Increase your magazine mailing list subscriptions in 3 easy steps

Gaining and maintaining subscribers to your magazine or journal can often seem like a tricky task, particularly when increasing numbers of people tend to digest news and articles via their tablets or smartphones. However, there are a few tactics you can use to increase the size of your magazine distribution lists and see those subscriptions fly out the door.

1. Take advantage of technology addicts

Whilst you may want to draw potential readers away from the web and towards the physical pages of your magazine, you can still utilise the internet to raise awareness of your brand. Stay active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to showcase the exciting content you have to offer via short teasers, which will encourage people to subscribe in order to read more. You can ask your existing subscribers to follow your social media feeds, and then start conversations with them online about your recent articles. The more people talk about you online, the more exposure your magazine will receive, resulting in an increase in subscriptions.

2. Create special offers for both new and old subscribers

Introductory offers, such as lower prices, complimentary issues or free gifts, can help to persuade potential customers to bite the bullet and subscribe to your magazine. Equally, customers who are coming towards the end of their subscription to your magazine mailing list can be encouraged to renew when provided with a special offer. Plus, it helps to make your readers feel valued and potentially champion your magazine to their friends and family.

3.Take your magazine directly to your target audience

Attend events relevant to your magazine or journal and hand out free copies. This is the fastest way to have your content read by the right people who will be likely to subscribe after having a little taster. Events could be trade shows, conferences or fairs, all of which tend to allow stands to be hired to exhibit your wares. You could offer a free gift or discount to those who subscribe there and then too, which is a brilliant way to meet your readers face-to-face as you add them to your magazine subscription fulfilment list