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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 02.03.2016

How you can use colour to improve your direct mail

Direct mail is still a great way to reach out to prospective customers, but are you getting it right? To help you make the most of your direct marketing campaign, here are three tips on how to use colour to help improve your direct mail.

1. Use colour to convey your brand identity

Using colour is a great way to get your brand identity across to your readers. If you're not using your brand colours in your direct mail designs, then you're missing a trick. In order for your business to succeed in such a competitive marketplace, you need to make sure it stands out and is instantly recognisable to your customers.

This is why branding has become so important - even for your direct mail. Start by branding out your direct mail template, trying each colour in a different place, so that you can get the right combination that conveys your brand identity. You want your prospective customers to know that the mailing came from you without having to see your name at the top; that way they are more likely to trust your brand, and hopefully buy your products or services.

2. Make it readable

Readability is a key point here. Whilst you may think that using blue text on a red background looks great and uses your branding colours, it will make your direct mailing impossible to read. It's important to find the right balance between using colour effectively and ensuring that your copy is readable. If your brand uses bright, clashing colours, it may be best to keep the text and background colours simple, with flashes of your bright, branding colours littered throughout the mailing. If a customer glances quickly at your direct mail and sees clashing colours with hard to read text, they're probably going to put it straight in the recycling, so make sure your colours are readable and inviting.

3. Use images to draw people in

Imagery can support the message on your direct mail piece, if chosen carefully. A well selected image could draw the recipient’s attention to the direct mail piece, causing them to read the text that highlights your offers or company information.

For a couple of quick tips on selecting images for your direct mail campaign see a previous blog on the subject, here.