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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 17.02.2016

How to increase subscriptions with the help of digital

In just five years, it's expected that 90 percent of the world will have a mobile phone. Yes, the digital space will continue to be hot property, but what does that mean for your subscription fulfilment? Well, it's not as bad as you might imagine. Digital media can play a huge part in gaining you more subscribers, from engaging in new B2B partnerships online to creating online content so good that readers can't resist signing up to your full magazine mailing. 

Magazine distribution abroad

Have you heard of Amish Tripathi? He is part of the new wave of Indian authors that are shifting over 2 million copies at a time, and it's all because of a booming industry right now. Book sales in the UK and US have hit a bit of a plateau in recent years due to the rising popularity of tablets. In India though, the market has grown by a massive 41% in 4 years, with many best sellers being written in English. Facebook is the leading social media platform in India, so get chatting with brands over there, analyse what content is of interest to their markets, and use all of this information to decipher what content is suitable.

Make friends with Google

Rolling Stone recently collaborated with Google to sell its archives on Google Play. According to Gus Wenner at the magazine, "archival content performs very well", and he suggests a move to promote relevant archive content with new content in the magazine to boost sales. Facebook organic reach is obviously declining all the time, so it could serve you well to invest a little time into the up and coming Google Play platform to increase sales and subscriptions.

Audience participation
Your readers know exactly what they want to read, right? Make them feel like they are a part of your publishing journey, and get them involved. The Sun recently allowed its Twitter followers to generate a headline that appeared in the paper the following day. The #PunInTheSun initiative on Twitter engaged hundreds of fans as they came up with the 'KIM SWEARS IT WELL' headline. Doing this got people engaged online, whilst creating intrigue for their offline content.