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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 20.08.2015

How fulfilment can disrupt your market sector


If you run a business, you've probably daydreamed about 'disrupting' your market sector at least once; you long to do something so revolutionary with your business that it sticks in consumers' minds and redefines what they expect from the entire sector. Outsourcing your fulfilment needs can help you achieve that dream. All you need to do is outsource direct mail fulfilment for your marketing campaign, and order fulfilment for your e-commerce activities.

Outsourcing order fulfilment is advantageous because fulfilment houses provide their own warehousing facilities and staff, meaning that you don't have to buy or rent your own storage space or hire staff of your own, purely to fulfil 'pick-and-pack' duties. Storage facilities such as warehouses can be expensive, whilst training and paying new staff can be even more costly in the long run. As such, outsourcing order fulfilment can save you a substantial amount of money. What's more, fulfilment houses offer years of expertise in getting your goods delivered on time and intact. 

Outsourcing your direct marketing campaign also saves you having to hire staff just to handle direct mailing duties, thus saving you even more money. Additionally it gives you access to the fulfilment house's valuable prior experience in running a direct mail marketing campaign.

But how does this help you disrupt your market sector? It's simple; both types of fulfilment outsourcing save you money. You can take full advantage of this by passing the savings on to your customers, making you much more affordable than comparable businesses. Furthermore, direct mail fulfilment outsourcing improves the quality of your marketing campaign while order fulfilment outsourcing improves the quality of the service you're able to deliver. Consider the implications for your business; if you go to fulfilment houses for both direct mail and order fulfilment, you will have an incredibly strong marketing campaign backed up by an exceptionally high standard of service. Better yet, your prices will be noticeably superior to those of your rivals. 

On its own, low pricing isn't enough to disrupt a marketing sector. Nor is good advertising or an impeccable quality of service. However by offering all three, your business can define the overall standard expected in your sector, thus disrupting the market and positioning your business ahead of its rivals. All you need is a savvy business strategy and the right fulfilment house.