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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 21.09.2015

How direct mail can help you launch your magazine or journal

Producing a niche magazine or journal can be a rewarding experience and a great way to earn money in a way that incorporates your interests and passions. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to attract a loyal readership who are willing to subscribe to your publication.

Advertising is the key to recruiting readers. However, if your magazine or journal is a start-up, you need to manage your financial resources carefully. You may not have the funds to effectively advertise your publication on television or radio. Luckily, there is a solution: you can advertise your publication using direct mail.

Direct mail marketing allows you to reach out to prospective readers directly. As we’ve discussed in previous blog entries, this personal touch makes direct mail a unique and effective form of marketing. However, you may not realise that it can be particularly useful for advertising a publication. In many respects, direct mail marketing mimics the format of a magazine or journal. Firstly, direct mail is a printed, physical form of advertising, which mirrors the printed, physical nature of magazines and journals. Secondly, it uses written language as its primary persuasive tool, just like magazines and journals use written language to engage readers. Finally, both direct mail and publications that readers subscribe to are sent directly to the homes of individuals. These similarities might not seem important, but they are. Because direct mail and publications are so similar, it is very easy to use your direct mail to give prospective readers a taste of what your magazine or journal will be like. You can ensure that your direct mail is written in the same style as your publication, and that it shows off some of the contents of your publication. By giving readers a really clear idea of what type of publication they can expect from you, you can reassure them of its quality and make them more likely to subscribe.

Direct mail is also considerably cheaper than other forms of advertising. You may not have the resources to run a direct mail marketing campaign on your own, but it’s easy to outsource your direct mail advertising to a fulfilment house. Fulfilment houses have the experience and know-how necessary to conduct a targeted, effective direct mail marketing campaign on your behalf. What’s more, they can do this for an affordable price! After all, they already have the necessary staff and infrastructure. Of course, fulfilment houses can also help you meet your subscription fulfilment obligations when your magazine is established. However, it’s important not to overlook the fact that they can help you market your publication too!

If you’re ready to start publishing a magazine or journal, direct mail marketing is both the cheapest and most effective way to advertise your publication - especially if you use a fulfilment house!