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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts | 14.05.2015

How mailing fulfilment houses can help new businesses

Despite the ongoing recovery, the economic climate is still tough on small businesses - especially new ones. It can be hard to cover all of your costs while maintaining a healthy profit margin. However, using a mailing fulfilment service could help you overcome these difficulties. We've talked about how mailing fulfilment houses can reduce your postage costs elsewhere on this site before. However, what you may not realise is that these services can also save you money in other important ways.

The most significant way mailing houses can reduce your costs is by cutting the number of staff you need to run your business. It can be expensive to hire staff just to send out customers' orders and mail, especially if you have to expend time and resources training them for the position. By outsourcing your business's delivery requirements to a mailing fulfilment house, you can circumvent the need to hire staff whose only purpose is to package and send your products.

Packaging is another area where mailing houses can save you money. Many mailing fulfilment services will package your goods for you in addition to sending them. As such, you don't have to waste time and finances choosing and buying the right packaging materials for your products. Fulfilment houses specialise in packing and sending goods and mail; they already know which types of packaging work best for which types of product, and they already have large stocks of different packaging materials at their disposal.

But what if your products require special storage facilities, for example, if they're fragile or need to be kept at a particular temperature? Mailing fulfilment houses can help with this, too. It can difficult for small businesses to find the right facilities to store their products at prices they can afford. However, most mailing fulfilment houses already have a wide variety of storage areas and will easily be able to meet the storage requirements for your products at minimal extra cost.

Starting a small business is tough enough without worrying about the costs of additional staff, packaging and storage facilities. Mailing fulfilment houses are the perfect way to remove these expenses from your business model so that you can focus on growing your new enterprise.