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    » Trends, Country Focus, Whitepapers | 05.09.2014

    French e-commerce consumers keen on buying cross-border


    Europe’s e-commerce market is burgeoning, offering very exciting opportunities for online retailers across a variety of sectors.


    The French market is relatively easy to enter and be successful in. Logistics are less complex than entering other countries and distribution costs can be low. For these reasons France is often the first country to which European e-commerce retailers will enter when expanding cross border.

    There are many things to consider and planning is essential, because naturally the market is not exactly the same as in other European markets. Here at Asendia, we have been helping European companies successfully distribute their goods across France for years and have collated all the information we have acquired in this guide to help you profit from international sales.



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    Great opportunities are presenting themselves for French e-commerce market...

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