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E‐Commerce » Trends, Country Focus, Whitepapers | 14.01.2015

Straight to the heart of Europe - exploring e-commerce opportunities in Germany


With a population of 82 million, Germany is Europe’s largest consumer market. It is also one of the continent’s strongest when it comes to e-commerce; and it seems to have its sights set on catching up with the world leaders, the US and the UK.

Annual online shopping revenues now reach more than €40bn a year – and they’re predicted to reach €100bn by 2020. With spend per household still relatively low, there’s plenty of room for growth.

At the heart of Europe and as part of the EU, it’s not necessarily a difficult market to send goods to for those in other member states. But, like every country, Germany’s consumers and the retail landscape have their own nuances, which need to be researched and understood before you can successfully sell there. Over the years, Asendia has been working closely with clients doing just that. In the following pages, we share the know-how we’ve gathered to help you on your way.



Destination Germany - trends & opportunities

Enter Europe's largest consumer market: Germany