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E‐Commerce » Trends, Country Focus, Whitepapers | 11.03.2015

The American Dream - expanding across the Atlantic through e-commerce


The United States of America has been portrayed as the land of opportunity throughout much of its history. It's no different when it comes to e-commerce.

The US is the third biggest country in the world  – twice the size of the European Union – and it has the volume of consumers to match. Nearly two-thirds of its 300m+ inhabitants are already shopping online, in what is one of the most mature e-commerce markets in the world. And you can expect online sales to top $500bn (€400bn) by the end of the decade.

All this means you'll find a savvy audience used to making purchases online, which is half the battle won when aiming to attract new customers in new markets. But they also have correspondingly high expectations. Combine that with a strong domestic retail market, ambitious firms with their eye on American dollars really need to do their homework, hone their offer and focus on fulfilment and delivery in order to stand any chance of competing.

Asendia is, of course, at hand to help – and with experience of working with many companies selling into the US, we have produced this guide to help you on the path to success.


  • Introduction
  • The US market
  • Retailing in the US
  • US consumer attitudes to e-commerce
  • Regulation



Destination USA - trends & opportunities

Enter the world's third largest consumer market: the USA