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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 07.09.2015

Even online businesses can benefit from direct mail

Attracting customers to your online business isn’t always easy. There’s an enormous amount of competition in the online world, which can make it difficult to get your business noticed. Sadly, this is especially true for new online businesses. However, there’s no need to panic. There’s actually a very simple way to get prospective customers’ attention: you can use direct mail!

It may seem strange that online businesses can benefit from sending out physical mail, but it’s true! Direct mail is a highly effective way of introducing customers to your brand. Businesses that operate through the internet shouldn’t overlook its power as a marketing tool. In fact, direct mail can be even more useful to online businesses than it is to traditional ones - just look at Lending Club!

The major obstacle to success for online businesses is that they can’t make a real-world connection with consumers. Traditional businesses have physical premises that potential customers walk past on a daily basis. Because they’re part of the landscape, people notice them and start to trust them on a subconscious level. They can also stand out from their competitors with intelligent shop-front design and therefore avoid becoming overpowered by other businesses around them. Unfortunately, online businesses don’t have this advantage: until someone clicks on them, they’re just site names on a search engine results page. Direct mail is the ideal solution to this problem.

Direct mail allows you to show consumers what your brand has to offer. Not everyone will click on your business in their search results (or search online for businesses like yours in the first place), but almost everyone reads their mail! You can use direct mail as a substitute for a shop-front to make potential customers aware of your business. Direct mail also has a ‘personal touch’ because it involves sending mail to customers on an individual basis. This is a fantastic way to build trust and ensure that you stand out from your competitors.

Of course, not many new online businesses have the facilities to conduct an effective direct mail marketing campaign. Luckily, direct mail fulfilment services can take on the burden of conducting your direct mail campaign, leaving you free to concentrate on managing and improving your business.

If you run an online business, a direct mail marketing campaign may be exactly what you need to attract the customers you deserve!