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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 07.10.2015

Does your magazine or journal need an international audience?

Creating a magazine or journal that has enduring and widespread appeal can be a difficult but rewarding task. Making sure your publication attracts a large enough base of readers to support itself can be even trickier. In a previous blog entry, we discussed how direct mail marketing campaigns can help attract prospective readers, but sometimes it’s worth going one step further. If you really want to attract the maximum number of readers to your publication, the simplest way to do so is to make that publication available internationally. Why should your magazine or journal be restricted to a single nation when it could attract readers from around the globe? You deserve a global audience!

Making your publication available in multiple countries can make it accessible to readers who would never otherwise have encountered it. These additional readers can help make your magazine or journal more profitable and therefore more viable in the long run. What’s more, preparing a magazine or journal for international markets isn’t as difficult as it might sound. You will be able to distribute your publication without editing or adjusting in any country where English is a commonly-spoken language. For countries where English is not commonly-spoken, you will have to have your publication translated into the national language. Luckily, there are many translation services that can do this easily.

However, you may be concerned about the logistics of distributing your magazine internationally. You may be able to attract international subscribers with a well-coordinated direct mail campaign and other advertising, but how can you ensure that they receive your publication each week or month? The answer is simple: you can use a subscription fulfilment service offered by a fulfilment house!

Fulfilment houses are able to make sure magazines and journals reach their subscribers with ease because they have the infrastructure and expertise necessary to coordinate large-scale distribution operations. You may assume that subscription fulfilment is only offered at the national level, but many fulfilment houses are flexible enough to help you distribute your publication to multiple countries. Subscription fulfilment is therefore the ideal solution for launching a publication internationally.

Attracting a substantial readership is an important part of launching a magazine or journal, so it’s important to make your publication available to as many people as possible. International distribution is the key to achieving this, and subscription fulfilment makes it logistically possible!