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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts | 09.09.2015

Does your charity need its own magazine?

If you run a charity, one of the biggest challenges you face is recruiting and keeping donors. With so many worthy causes in need of money, potential donors can feel overwhelmed. They find it hard to know which charities they should prioritise giving to. What’s more, existing donors may feel torn between their loyalty to your charity and the potential to do good by giving to a new one. Some may even experience life events that force them to re-evaluate whether they can afford to give to charity. How can you attract donors and keep the ones you already have? Believe it or not, creating a magazine for your charity can help.

A branded magazine for your charity can be an immensely powerful tool for communicating with both potential donors and existing donors. Magazines are more substantial than other forms of marketing (such as short pamphlets, direct mail letters and television adverts). This means that you have more space to persuade donors that your cause is worth investing in. You can discuss the good work that your charity has already done, present news stories that demonstrate why your charity is needed and even include written endorsements of your charity from celebrities and public figures. What’s more, each issue of your magazine can follow up on stories from previous issues. For example, if one issue contained a story about the struggle of a family in a humanitarian crisis, the next issue could show what your charity has done to help them. This creates a sense of continuity which proves that your charity is making progress. It reminds donors and prospective donors that their money really can make a difference.

Of course, it can be difficult for charities like yours to make sure magazines reach subscribers. After all, you need to focus on the cause you represent! However, subscription fulfilment can help solve this problem. Fulfilment houses can take on the responsibility of magazine mailing and ensure that your charity’s magazine reaches its intended audience.

The vast majority of people want to do the right thing. Producing a regular, branded magazine is an incredible way of persuading them that giving to your charity is the best way to ‘do the right thing’. The magazine format allows you the maximum amount of space to argue your charity’s case while demonstrating the progress you’re making. If you can get donors and prospective donors to subscribe to your magazine, you’ll find it far easier to bring in donations. Subscription fulfilment even makes sending out the magazine easy!