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Press&Publishing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 09.02.2016

Do brochures still work?

With marketing budgets squeezed tighter than ever, company owners owe it to themselves to shine a light on each and every expense and determine whether it really provides a return on investment. So, are brochures worth the money?

Yes, is the simple answer.

Brochures provide a healthy shot of credibility from the outset. There are so many middlemen dressed up as unique companies on the internet, but a printed brochure marks you as a company that takes itself and its presentation seriously. In fact many companies are wise to the Internet cowboys and if you’re dealing with high value B2B propositions then one of the first things you’ll be asked for is a brochure along with the written proposition. You can even enlist the services of a direct mail fulfilment house and go big, using your brochure as your direct mail marketing to find new clients you may never have even thought of approaching.

Don’t think of your brochure as a simple qualifier, though; it’s a real chance to impress a potential client. Avoid the stock photography, if you can, as savvy buyers have learned how to spot it. Instead take the opportunity to truly introduce the client to your way of working and the people that make it tick. With high-quality paper stock, quality design and even the input of an expert copywriter, it’s also an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and deliver a killer punch before you’ve even got to the presentation stage.

Of course you have to weigh up the costs and cut your cloth according to your means, but a heavyweight brochure that simply screams self-belief will get you through the door of big name clients and that alone means they simply have to be worth the investment.

You can invest wisely, too, as many clients may prefer to download a PDF version of your brochure and you can ask them directly. That means you don’t have to post a brochure out to every casual enquiry, you can simply print a smaller number and improve on the quality.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a printed brochure is certainly worth the additional investment, even in today’s electronic age.