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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 18.08.2015

Direct mail and calls to action - response and reward


Is direct mail a good way of getting your customers or supporters to engage with your charity? For instance, if you want them to make a donation or fill in a questionnaire, it is better to do this by direct mail or online?

Many charities and businesses find that the physical act of writing or mailing a response to a piece of direct mail is a very effective way of keeping customers active and loyal. There is something about the process of putting pen to paper to engage with your company that will help your customers to feel a personal relationship with you.

So, how can you make responding to direct mail a rewarding experience?

One things that you can do is get creative. For instance, run a mini competition where customers can post in photographs or pen poems. Make it easy for them: leave a space where they can stick their photo, or a few ruled lines where they can write their text. Perhaps you can promise them that the winner will feature in their next direct mail as campaign.

Keep the content and overall aesthetic of your direct mail engaging. Use colourful images, and informative yet interesting snippets of text that tell the customer all that they need to know without cluttering up the page.

Imagine that you want your customer to be able to stick your mail up on their fridge or pass it on to others. Some companies send direct mail in the form of attractive postcards for just this reason.

Finally, make it easy for the customer to respond. If you want them to respond to you by phone, present the telephone number nice and clearly. If possible, make it a free phone number, or at least keep the rates down! If you want them to respond by post, then enclose a prepaid envelope and pen. If you want them to visit your website, why not include QR code on your direct mail so that smartphone users can scan it and it will take them right there.