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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 02.11.2015

Consumers expecting three hour delivery window, survey finds

As consumers come to expect more and more from online delivery services, a new survey carried out by Ipsos Research on behalf of Honeywell has given us an insight into what it is customers want most from an e-commerce delivery experience. Covering everything from delivery times to cost, the survey has revealed that many consumers aren't happy with the delivery options currently on offer, and that e-commerce shipping needs to adapt to changing lifestyles.

Let's start with delivery expectations. According to the survey, 99% of customers expect their e-commerce delivery to arrive within a week of purchase. However, 57% of consumers are expecting delivery in three hours or less, which demonstrates the impact that same day delivery is having on expectations and the e-commerce experience. Additionally, 40% of those consumers also said they would be willing to pay extra for their 'perfect delivery', which means a delivery place and time specified in advance by themselves.

The survey also encouraged consumers to comment on the current state of e-commerce shipping options, and found that over half of them do not find current delivery options satisfactory and that they usually missed their delivery whilst at work or enjoying leisure time. They put this down to both delivery times not adapting to our changing lifestyles and that many drivers miss the allocated appointment time. The survey also shed some light on what consumers really think about collecting their parcels after a missed delivery. Only 10% of people said they would travel more than five miles to pick up a parcel from a collection centre, and 39% would only go as far as their nearest local shop for collection.

The most shocking statistic, however, relates to how many people have chosen not to purchase an item because of expensive or unsatisfactory shipping options. Nearly half of the 800 people surveyed admitted to doing so, whilst 91% of people said they check shipping options before anything else.

So what do the results of this survey tell us? This survey demonstrates that people's expectations of, and attitudes towards, e-commerce delivery and mail services are changing, and that many e-commerce organisations and shipping companies need to review and update their practices in the near future.