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E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 09.10.2015

Apps will take over the e-commerce world

According to new research by agency Criteo, 50% of consumers now use multiple devices to complete a single purchase, with many completing their purchase on a smartphone.

On the face of it, this means you should split your efforts equally between your e-commerce site and your mobile application. By simply extrapolating this data, though, you’ll see a very different picture and if your budget is limited, it’s time to go all-in on your mobile application.

Just a few years ago making purchases on a smartphone was a novelty, a niche activity for early adopters. Now more and more people are browsing on a laptop and tablet and then going on to complete the purchase on their smartphone.

It’s no secret that m-commerce is the biggest growth sector, but now it has achieved critical mass, essentially 50% of the importance in the e-commerce process, it’s time to shift your focus as a vendor to your mobile application. That’s because the pendulum will inevitably shift even further in the years ahead and soon mobile purchases will simply dwarf online sales.

Criteo discovered that for retailers that have made their apps a major focus, 58% of mobile revenue comes from the app. That means people are willing to download and use the app, rather than go through the website, and an app provides a more tailored, smoother user experience that makes everything from personal browsing through to payment much simpler and more frictionless.

It has long been known that apps can provide a better user experience and help the retailer guide the customer through the digital store. The only real barriers were physical ones, such as the size and resolution of the screen they were viewing the items for sale on. Now that phones are getting bigger, clearer and faster, the vendors have all the computing power they need to make a truly usable app.

The app can, potentially, improve and streamline every step of the process, even including order fulfilment and order delivery. So if an app is on your ‘to do’ list, it’s time to get started